Warrant Policy

The standard warranty period for our LED lighting fixtures starts from the date of the invoice and is 3 years. 'Special project guarantee' or a more comprehensive guarantee can be negotiated upon request. For additional warranty requests, you may contact with our customer representatives. This warranty applies only to the Fiberli branded LED fixtures which have sold since 01.01.2014 and the warranty is valid only with a sales contract between seller ( PSL Electronics San. Tic. A.Ş. ) and the buyer. The warranty covers only those products which are used in accordance with the product’s purpose and which are delivered by the company with the product or used in accordance with the instructions announced on our website.

Our Company Liabilities

• If the product malfunctions within the warranty period, it will be repaired under the terms of the Warranty.

• If repair is not possible, the defective product may be replaced by a substitute product. All substitute products or spare parts may contain new or recycled materials. “Recycled materials” means used, repaired or not new pieces. The functionality of all substitute products or spare parts are equivalent to the functionality of the product or the part to be replaced.

• The warranty period of the replaced product or part is limited to the remaining warranty period of the purchased product.

User Liabilities:

• Products are warranted if they are used in accordance with the installation instructions and instructions written on the warranty document or published on our website and if the installation of the product is done professionally by authorized staff.

• User is responsible to provide or maintain the recommended and necessary environmental conditions for system/devices(earth lines, power lines to provide sufficient power, panel, control room, etc.) in order for them to work properly.

• The temperature and voltage limits should not be exceeded and the product should not be subject to mechanical and / or chemical force. Operating conditions should not exceed the IP value of the product.

• The user may not request another company and / or person service even if it is just for control purposes.

• It is obligatory to submit invoices to be able to benefit from warranty.

• The production date of the product should be clearly legible.

• Our company representatives should be able to access the defective product or system in order to verify the malfunction if the product is within the warranty period. Additionally, the following information can be requested from the user;

• Details of deteriorated product, features of parts used in system installation

• Date of application and invoice date

• Detailed problem description, number and date of failure

• Detailed information on on-off cycle during the period of usage or applicaiton.

• Environmental conditions where the product

Disclaimer of Warranty:

•Costs incurred during troubleshooting of user errors.
•Defects occured as a result of not using the product specified in the product manual are not covered by the warranty.
•Other expenditures such as re-installation, loading, labor costs and expenses incurred during the "repair / replacement of the product or part" are not covered by the warranty.
•Polycarbonate plastic parts and PMMA: These materials can change color as a result of the natural aging process.
•The color shift of the LED modules is not within the manufacturer's warranty. Light specifications of the replaced LED module may be different.
•The warranty period for internal and external LED drivers used in products is limited to 2 years. There will be an additional cost for repairing the drivers, If the product warranty period of the prodcut is longer than 2 years.
•The user can not hold the manufacturer responsible for problems caused by environmental factors (natural disaster, low or high voltage).