Vision & Mision

The vision of the company is to develop long-lasting, sustainable, high-efficient products by creating the technology of the future as a company that produces solutions in the lighting sector and to provide these services to the customers as a product/service package and also to establish the infrastructure to share the knowledge and experience has been gained in this sector.

The company's mission is to provide people low energy consumption, high energy efficiency and long lasting LED lighting comfort for a better quality of life, believing that life is vital for everyone. To achieve this goal, the Fiberli® brand has been providing high-tech and excellent quality LED lighting solutions to its customers since the early 2000s. The company's long-term goals is to become the market leader in LED Lighting industry in 10 years which sets the trends with Fiberli® brand.

The PSL Electronics believes in the following values in everything they do:

Integrity; As a trustworthy institution, first of all, we are honest and fair. We are straightforward and we stand behind our word.

Respect; We really care about the wellbeing and safety of others, society and resources, we treat them with care and diligence, we show confidence and we are open-minded

Excellence; We expect and achieve superior results at all times. We absolutely pass on the feedbacks that will help us learn new ways to improve.

Versatility; We use our intelligence, our talent and our experience to make everything we touch better. We are efficient, flexible and have self discipline. We do not hesitate to take initiative, and every time we look for an effective and a creative solution.

Teamwork; We believe that working together will allow us to achieve and have the best results. We are a good team that works hard for common good, supports each other and values our differences and our efforts to do best. Responsibility; You can trust us. We take action, we are result oriented and we take responsibility. We fulfill our commitments and we do not give up. PSL ELECTRONICS has been providing its customers high-tech, excellent quality LED lighting solutions since the beginning of 2000’s with its brand Fiberli®.


Why Polar Bear?
Polar bears have white, thick fur that protects them from cold since they live in vast areas covered by glaciers. In fact, they have black skin which covered with transparent hairs. The transparent hairs function as fiber optic conductors. The hairs collect ultra-violet light and direct it to the black skin where it is converted into heat. Which means energy saving by heat insulation. Given these facts , we believed a logo design with a "Polar Bear" is the best visual language which describes the perfect harmony of nature and technology for our brand “Fiberli”.


GREEN TECHNOLOGY Fiberli has adopted the principle of energy efficiency and sustainable environment. Due to respect for nature and life, it is preferred to use completely unleaded materials with ROHS certification in production. The research results have proven that our highly efficient products provide energy conservation and prevent tons of CO2 emissions.

We at Fiberli believe in energy efficiency for a sustainable future, and the motto; “Save Your Energy” is created to be the voice of our brand value. As being environmental friendly has become our culture in every level of Fiberli and cycling being one of the most environmentally friendly sports, we decided to be the official sponsor of the Antalyaspor Bicycle Team. Our bike team dedicates every victory to a sustainable future and keep cycling for “Save Your Energy”

Fiberli Light Academy

Having one of the top 5 production and employement capacity in Turkey's lighting sector, Fiberli has an active roll in contributing to the fund of lighting knowledge in the sector . Fiberli Light Academy is proud to have opened its doors in 2018 and proud to be adding value to its customers, the industry and the educational institutions in the region with a conference room for 150 people. The Fiberli Light Academy annual event schedule will soon be available on the Fiberli website.