SWH9 Solar Modern Series
Park & Garden & Street Lighting
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Technical Data
Model Power Lumen Flux Length
SWH9 Solar 30W 3450lm 4m

Product name Solar Panel
Explanation 20V / 80Wp 4A Polycrystal
Charging Time 4 hrs
Autonomous Time 8 hrs Full Capacity/2 days Sensor Mode
Battery Capacity 14450 mAh
Battery Voltage 14.2 V/ 4S
Sensor Distance 4mt
Panel Dimensions 674x784x37mm

Mechanical Properties
• Electrostatic coated aluminum injection body
• 4mm, tempered, polyurethane gasket armature glass
• Aluminum injection maintenance covers
• Stainless steel fittings and clips
• Electrostatic coated aluminum injection assembly stand (adjustable for vertical-horizontal-angle mounting)
• In compliance with European Standards EN-60598
• Mechanical impact resistance IK08
• Protection level IP66
• Electrical protection Class I

Product Details


Surge protection device