Ozone Generator / OZGEN-7

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  • Technical features

    • Ozone production 7000 mg /hour
    • 60 min mechanical timer
    • Durable DKP body
    • Domestically produced with CE certificate
    • It does not require chemical consumable material
    • Low noise level
    • Replaceable ceramic ozone plate
    • Stainless steel pre-filter

    Areas where it is used

    Hotel rooms
    Cafes and restaurants
    Hospitals and clinics
    Environments that are collectively used

    Electrical Properties

    • 220V AC 110W

    General Features

    • It neutralizes mould, bacteria and viruses in the environment.
    • It provides effective sterilization of collective environments such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals.
    • It is used in disinfection, sterilization and deodorization processes of all closed areas.
    • It eliminates bacteria, cigarette smoke, cooking odours, mould odours and all kinds of bad odours in the room.
    • It affects every point that ozone (O₃) reaches.
    • It is safe to use in foods.

    Usage Warnings

    When the disinfection is over, do not enter the premises at least as long as the device was in operation.
    The doors and windows must be closed when the device is in operation. There must be absolutely no people or pets in the premises. When the operation is over, let the device cool down.
    After the ozonisation, the premises must be aired.


    It should not be used when there are people and other creatures in the environment. The environment should be ventilated for 15-20 minutes after use. People can be present in the environment after ventilation.