Air Sterilization / MOMI-UVC-600

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  • Function features:

    It destroys 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19) in 5.8 seconds by applying UV-C at a dose of 16mj/cm² in a tunnel of 92.000 cm³.
    It cleans an area of 93 m² (240 m³) in 1 hour from Covid-19 virus with a rate of 90%.

    Areas where it is used: Covid-19 sterilization of 93 m² area with 240 m³ volume;
    Large Offices 1 LOG %90 sterilization, 6,5 min.
    Restaurants and Bars 1 LOG %99 sterilization, 13 min.
    Educational institutions 1 LOG %99,9 sterilization, 26 min.
    Public and bank offices
    Hairdressers and beauty centres

    Mechanical features:

    • 144W UV-C Ozone-free lamp power • 30W UV-C Ozone lamp power (Optional)
    • 800m³ 220V 114W AC radial fan • Aluminium radiant tunne
    • 14mj/cm²/254nm UV-C dosage • 92.000cm³ UV-C tunnel
    • Electrostatic paint • 40dB/m max noise
    • It is suitable for 100-250m² areas

    Electrical features:

    220V AC 250W


    UV-C mode can be used safely in indoor environments where people and other living creatures are present. When the environment is empty, ozone mode (O3) can be used for high-level disinfection. Ozone mode should not be used when there are living creatures in the environment. The environment should be ventilated for 15-20 minutes after use.

    • 01 Assembly with feet
    • 02 Wall hanging mounting
    • 03 Ceiling mounting

  • IoT features (Optional):

    • Engine speed adjustment
    • Emission measurement of UV-C lamp
    • Message warning when UV-C emission drops
    • Sterilizing the environment according to its volume and stopping automatically
    • Planning operating and stopping hours